Style 50533 Size 00

Style 50533 Size 00

Sherri Hill

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Prom Dress Size 00 - 50533 Sherri Hill

This is the Sherri Hill 50533 prom dress in size 00.

The Sherri Hill 50533 is a two-piece prom dress that features a crop top with full sleeves and a short skirt. The cropped top is bold - the mesh sleeves feature minimalistic patterning that flows into the neckline. The red flared skirt that accompanies the top is the perfect match - the bold pop of color really brings this dress to life.

Full Sleeve Dress - The 50533 Sherri Hill in Black & Red 

Finding great looking dresses with full sleeves can be difficult, but no worries, we have you covered. This two-piece dress is sure to put its wearer in the spotlight.